About us

 our comany Apland  Global Investment & Holdings has properties all around USA .

And we as owners of the company, we took these 3 Villas as the our babies and we handle them and take care on them in a special way

We love to come to our Villas for a vacation,  we always  feel like at best of a 5 star Plus  hotel. and even more than that we feel like at home away from home .

Always when the time comes and we have to leave and go back home – we always looking back and asking ourselves ? – How the time flew whenever you enjoy – we just got and already we have to leave!!

This type of feeling we make sure to transfer  to  all our guests – we want to see them back  as our guests on their next vacation in Orlando.

We will be  delighted if you choose us, and will join to our  guests list  who have experienced an amazing vacation in one of our villas.